July 15, 2016


Accounting/Bookkeeping for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

We provide accounting/bookkeeping service for nonprofits and small businesses who need guidance and support from professionals who know how to keep financials well documented. We educate ourselves on industry standards and technological advancements to help you leverage time-saving techniques that will produce the best results for you to understand your financials.

Consulting & Training

Not only have we "been there, done that" and can speak from experience, we gaining new insight and education all the time through continuing ed programs and networking opportunities. We bring you all the latest and greatest information, help by answering your questions, and walk you through your own "what if" scenarios so you can make educated decisions along the way. With our consulting services, you don't have to "go it alone".

Nonprofit Start-Up / Dissolution Advising

Starting a nonprofit can be overwhelming and confusing. We assist you through the process so you can have a little peace of mind, knowing that your start-up is off and running on the right foot, from day one. We'll even help train you and your staff on best practices and standards of conducting business so you know you won't be losing sleep later.

In contrast, closing a nonprofit can be disheartening and worrisome. We help you view all of the alternate possibilities before ending your mission and, if dissolving the organization is the best choice, we assist you through the process to make sure you keep to the regulations.

Risk Assessment & Safety

We're here for all your risk assessment and safety program needs. Too often this is an area of business overlooked. We're glad to know you're interested in learning more. Do you need a new safety program? Do you feel like your business is operating under high risk? We can help you determine is that is so, and build out a powerful action plan so you can be compliant and stress-free.



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