July 15, 2016

About Us

TABulated Consulting LLC believes in empowering you to grow and sustain your business.

We want to make financials easier for businesses to understand, making it more enjoyable to have good discussions about their future goals.

Ugh! Finances! Who likes talking about finances, truly? It's daunting! Well, we're here to make it as fun as possible. Understanding what this account code means and what that report is saying is not just for your accountant - as a business owner or leader, controlling the finances can only happen when you know what you're looking at on the paper or the screen.

That's where we come in! Our goal is to EMPOWER you and your staff to maintain your financial records to make sense to you while following all of those pesky legal requirements. We want to see you GROW your business and get to the point that you can SUSTAIN through wellsprings and hardships, and further strengthen the economy TOGETHER.

We don't just have clients​ but partners, and we aren't just bean-counters​ but trusted advisors. We work best with individuals and organizations who seek mutually rewarding partnerships because things are all always better when we support and learn from each other.

TABulated Consulting LLC is a cloud-based small business with an awesome team who loves what they do. We offer bookkeeping services, virtual controller/CFO management, software and accounting training, office administration, and occupational safety and risk assessments. We enjoy working with many different business industries and nonprofit organizations (our specialty).


Tracy Baird

CEO - Curator of Empowering Options

Brett Baird

COO - Connector of Outstanding Outcomes

Ricci O'Brien

ASM - Asset Support Magician


DOG - Delightfully Outgoing Greeter